Hawksley Workman

Unique is a word that definitely can be used when describing Hawksley Workman and his music. Nothing radio friendly or predictable about this guy. He is a true artist in that he creates what is in his heart and not what he thinks will sell albums. That is a good and a bad thing as there is plenty of integrity in his work, but because he does not sell as much as he should not as many people have the benefit of hearing his music. What to do if you are his label? He has evolved from an artist on the periphery to a player on the rock music scene, but still not a mainstream artist. There are no limits to what this guy could do and I hope he is continued to be given the freedom to be who he is.

On this 12-track album, which is already his eleventh studio album, he comes out with a work that begs people to get to know him because of its high quality. His music has often been described as a mix of glam, rock and cabaret and that is still the case on this recording. There are, however, other influences to be heard on the album with its emphasis on piano driven rock (Keane? Coldplay? Elton John?). He has the unique ability to use all these influences while still managing to remain true to himself. Workman always sounds unique and that is why he deserves our attention.

Check out this great live performer during the Montreal High Lights Festival at Club Soda on February 29 with opening act Sebastien Grainger.

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