Artferia @ Festivalissimo

A perfect lunchtime activity if you work or live in the area of Plaza Alexis Nihon is to check out the Festivalissimo Artferia exhibit displaying the works of painters Gustavo Sigal and Mariana Semino. There is a half dozen paintings by each artist so there is not tons of quantity, but the quality makes it worth it.

Gustavo Sigal is originally from Argentina and is a Renaissance man in that he studied photography, stage management, civil engineering, and film in university. Once he started painting he worked under well-known painters Claudio Barragan and Alejandro Boim. His paintings have been exhibited at many different museum throughout Argentina and Montreal. He now lives in Montreal. Using bright colours whether it be browns or blues the paintings just invite you in.

Mariana Semino came to Montreal in 2002 from Argentina and all she had were the paintings she had done plus books and clothes. Her adopted home seems to have agreed with her as her paintings are full of life and emotion. The strength of her painting is definitely in her figure as they are all lifelike and seem to leap off the canvas. They are also, while complex in technique, quite accessible and easy to understand. Much of her work examines the relationship humans have with the other things we share this planet with, be it inanimate objects or animals.

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