John Candy-Comedy Favourites Collection

With comedic actors like Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, and Seth Rogan ruling Hollywood it is hard to remember a time when Canadians were not the top of the heap in comedy films. For those with short memories or too young to remember, back in the eighties Canada had Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short and John Candy to be proud of. Dying tragically at a young age John Candy did not have the opportunity to fully realize what he could have accomplished in film. This three film collection is an excellent reminder of the many goofy, big hearted characters this talented man portrayed.

Uncle Buck directed by John Hughes:

Buck (played by John Candy) is a lifelong bachelor who is used to doing things when and if he feels like. All that is about to change radically when his sister-in-law (played by Elaine Bromka) asks him to watch her kids while she and her husband (played by Garrett M. Brown) go out of town on an emergency. The slobby and irresponsible Buck now has two young kids (played by Macauly Culkin and Gaby Hoffman) and a rebellious teenage girl (played by Jean Louisa Kelly) to take care of. It gonna be an adjustment for everyone.

The Great Outdoors directed by Howard Deutch:

Chet Ripley (played by John Candy) has planned a week vacation at a cabin by a lake that he spent many a good time at with his parents. He sees this as a bonding experience for his family. Well, all that goes out the window when his obnoxious brother-in-law, Roman (played by Dan Aykroyd), and his family drop by unexpectedly to spend the week with them. The vacation turns out to be anything but relaxing for Chet.

Special Features: Trailers

Going Berserk directed by David Steinberg:

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