UEFA Euro 2008 Preview

It's really fantastic that every two years we get a high-caliber, large-scale soccer tournament in World Cup or UEFA Euros. The beautiful game is usually well-served by these two tournaments that see some of the best teams in the world pitted against one another for all the glory.

They say that the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy in professional sports to win. Well, I would put the World Cup and UEFA Euros right up there. With the UEFA Euros for the better part of one month 16 European based teams (after undergoing qualifications that last two years) will play for the title of European champions.

Last competition in 2004 total dark horse Greece won. This year Germany, Spain, Italy, and Portugal are the favourites. But there are also France, Holland and Croatia lurking in the shadows. It is anybody's trophy. Some of the best players in the world will be competing in the tournament where we get to watch France's Frank Ribery, Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, the Czech Republic's Peter Cech, Germany's Michael Ballack, Holland's Robin van Persie, and Italy's Luca Toni weave their magic with the ball. Also, keep your eyes peeled for up-and-comers like the Czech Republic's Martin Fenin, Croatia's Luka Modric, Germany's Mario Gomez, and Italy's Alberto Aquilani.

For the Group Play round there will be two games per day (both on television) at 12:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. local time. Make sure you head over to your local sports bar to watch the passionate Portuguese, Italian, French, and Spanish fans root for their teams.

Additional Information:
-Website: www.euro2008.com
-Partial List of Montreal venues that will be showing games:
Blanc Rouge – 4727 Saint Denis
La Cage aux Sports – Various locations
Champs Sports Bar – 3956 St. Laurent
McKibbins – 1426 Bishop + 6361 Trans-Canada Highway
Kelly's Pub – 88 Donegani (Pte. Claire)
-Television Stations Airing the Games: TSN, Sportsnet, RDS

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