Dow Planetarium

Now that it seems like summer is finally here and school will be out for the young ones soon, it is the time of year when parents are looking for things for their kids to do. Even though we live in this wonderful city we tend to forget all the Continue Reading

Scarlett Johansson

Actress Scarlett Johansson does Tom Waits. Interesting combination. Sexy actress does gravelly-voiced singer's songs. Like Tom Waits Scarlett definitely has a distinctive voice. I'm not sure she is a singer, but there certainly is a presence to what she does. Her voice is low (male-sounding) and oftentimes overwhelmed by the Continue Reading

Another Black Day

Why can't more metal bands be like Another Black Day? On this their follow-up to a successful debut EP, they have combined thought provoking lyrics with tricky guitar work and an aggressive sound. Just because your music is loud does not mean it has to be mindless and this band Continue Reading

Death Cab for Cutie

Instead of continuing along the path that brought them success, Death Cab for Cutie throws us a curveball with their latest album "Narrow Stairs". While it is a change, I think it is for the better. While some fans might have collectively held their breath when they heard that the Continue Reading

Johnny Truant

If you enjoy intelligent metal music then check this band out. It is the type of album you can play in the office and even those anti-heavy metal people won't complain. They have upped the ante from their last album and found a sound that is all their own. Plenty Continue Reading