Death Cab for Cutie

Instead of continuing along the path that brought them success, Death Cab for Cutie throws us a curveball with their latest album "Narrow Stairs". While it is a change, I think it is for the better.

While some fans might have collectively held their breath when they heard that the band, an indie staple, has signed with a major label; they needn't have worried as the band has retained all that made them successful to begin with. Their sound is still as organic or natural as ever…maybe even more so with this outing. They make is seem like they call all the shots when it comes to their music. The band decides what they will sound like and don't play with or overproduce things. Songs are long (over 8 minutes) and guitars sound scratchy. And that is part of the appeal of the album.

While the album does sound like the band's earlier material it is not a case of just making the same music over and over. They seem comfortable about where they have come from and don't deny their roots, but are also looking towards the future.

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