The Bucket List – Blu-Ray Edition

I don't know why it took so long for Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson to make a film together. Whatever the reason, it turned out quite well, thank you!

Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson – The Departed, As Good As It Gets) is a corporate billionaire and Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman – Gone Baby Gone, Evan Almighty) is a blue collar mechanic. On the surface they seem to have no meeting ground, but they do have one important thing in common. Both men have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

They are sharing a hospital room basically waiting to die when they get to talking and decide to leave the hospital. On the outside they agree to each make a list of things they have always wanted to do but never have for one reason or another. They call this list the Bucket List. It is a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket.

While they roam around skydiving, racing fast cars and visiting the North Pole amongst other things they become fast friends and in the process make their last days much more enjoyable.

Despite their advanced ages, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are two of the more respected actors working today. Together onscreen they are wonderful! Due to their skills they are able to walk the tightrope of comedy and drama required by the script. Director Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally, Misery) realizes that the film relies on the chemistry between these two seasoned actors and they do him justice…in spades.

The script is a fairly original one and compared to all the remakes and rehashing of old ideas it was like a breath of fresh air watching it. There are tiny inconsistencies in the story, but nothing that most people will even notice.

The Bucket List is a feel good film that will have you splitting a gut one moment and crying the next. It is reiterated that what is truly important is the journey not the destination and what a trip this film is!

Special Features:
-Rob Reiner Interviews Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman
-Writing The Bucket List
-Music Video: "Say" by John Mayer
-Pop-Up Trivia Track

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