Elvis Costello and the Imposters

What would you expect of an album named after the inventor of the Cup Noodle? It is an old fashioned rock album from Elvis Costello and his band, of course. In keeping with the 'old time' theme the album was quickly recorded over the span of a few weeks in a New York studio. It was also the intention to release it on vinyl to thumb their noses at modern technology and the culture of downloading music. While they did release it on vinyl with some extras on it now available anywhere else, the band broke down and released it in CD format.

While it is a rock album, in what has become typical Elvis Costello, there are also twinges of country and soul to the album. Costello provides the lead vocals and Jenny Lewis does a good job with the harmonies. You can tell from the get go that Costello was really enjoying himself as he was recording this album. It will probably take you a couple of plays to connect with the album, but once you do it will be on high rotation on your player.

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