Love’s Unending Legacy

The fifth film in a series based on the novels of best-selling author Janette Oke. All the films happen during the frontier period in the United States and all have a strong Christian theme running throughout them.

It has been two years since the death of her beloved husband and Missie (Erin Cottrell – appeared in episodes of ER and Medium) realizes it is time to move on with her life, so she packs up the house and kids and moves closer to her parents. In an effort to support her family, Missie takes a teaching job.

An 'orphan train' arrives in town carrying loads of orphans looking to be adopted. When it looks like no one will adopt a trouble making young girl, Missie decides to adopt Belinda (Holliston Coleman – Bless the Child). From the beginning Belinda is sullen and withdrawn increasing the tension in the LaHaye household. It seems as if Belinda has a secret and she won't divulge what it is. Things are made more trying when it is discovered that Belinda's brother, Jacob (Braeden Lemasters – appeared in episodes of Six Feet Under and House M.D.), is being abused by the family he was adopted by.

While she is struggling with Belinda, Missie finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with the sheriff, Zach Tyler (Victor Browne – 54, I Shot Andy Warhol). Zach might be Missie's only hope to getting through to Belinda as he faith is being severely tested.

This is one of those decent and wholesome family type films. Everyone can watch it without it offending or upsetting anyone. That being said, you still have to make a good film and this one is not. Much of the film seems forced and rushed. For instance, there is not much of a romance or courtship between Missie and Zach and then all of a sudden at the end they are getting married. Hunh? What did I miss? Too many loose ends in this film to satisfy me.

Special Features:
-Trailers for Fox Faith

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