Vantage Point – Blu-Ray Edition

I've always been interested in films that show the same event from the different people's perspectives, so needless to say this film intrigued me. This film examines how different people interpret what they have seen during an assassination.

While in Spain attending a Global War summit, American President Ashton (William Hurt – The Incredible Hulk, Children of a Lesser God) is to be protected by amongst others Secret Service agents Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid – The Rookie, D.O.A.) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox – from television's Lost). Agent Barnes is a little nervous as he is just back on the job after a six-month recovery period from previously taking a bullet for the President.

His fears come to fruition when President Ashton is shot twice immediately after taking the stage. This is followed by panic and chaos in the assemble crowd. The shots seem to have come from a nearby window. Things do not get any easier for the Secret Service agents as bombs starts to explode.

American Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker – The Last King of Scotland, The Crying Game) has been videotaping the whole event to prove to his children he was actually at the historical event. Lewis believes that he has on film the man who shot the President. Agent Barnes watches the tape and believes he knows who assassinated the President.

It is only when they piece together the stories of several eyewitnesses that the actual truth comes out.

If you mixed together "Crash" and "24" you would get something resembling this film. It isn't of that high quality but it does mix frenetic action, great car chases and different perspectives of the same event. It is maybe a little overambitious in its scope in that there is no character development and a plot twist that you can see coming from a mile away.

The way the story is told by director Pete Travis (Omagh) is quite unique and keeps you interested throughout. Though some might be a little tired of seeing the same event at about the fifth (out of eight) time around. Though with each retelling of the story there is a new piece to the puzzle you are expected to put together. There is a little bit of everything in this film with moments of action, comedy, drama, and the entire cast is given a chance to shine.

Just to warn those of you out there who suffer from motion sickness that there are plenty of scenes done on a handheld camera and they are very shaky.

Special Features:
-Digital copy to download
-Surveillance Tapes: Outtakes
– An Inside Perspective: interviews with the cast & crew
-Plotting an assassination
-Coordinating Chaos: stunt featurette
-Blu-ray exclusive: Vantage Viewer: GPS tracker – follow each character's location and vantage point throughout the film!

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