What Happens in Vegas – Jackpot Edition

Sometimes you feel guilty about a review that says a film is 'alright, but I would wait until it comes out on DVD', but in this case I feel no guilt at all. A romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher would seem to have everything going for it. They are both brilliant at comedy and have great onscreen chemistry in the film. But unfortunately they cannot do anything with this dismal story.

A girl (played by Cameron Diaz) and guy (played by Ashton Kutcher) go to Vegas for different reasons (basically because their lives are pathetic at the moment), get drunk, end up married, hate each other, fight over money (it is millions) won at a slot machine, are forced to stay married, hate each other some more, and, of course, end up falling in love. Nothing original and nothing you do not see coming from a hundred miles away.

The film does have its funny moments, but not enough to make you forget the painful ones. The story seems to go on much longer than it has to. It drags in parts, which is death to a comedy. The likeability factor of the two leads does save the film from being a complete wreck but at times you feel as if Cameron and Ashton are not really acting just simply playing themselves. Again, there is nothing we have not seen before from the two.

The battle within a marriage between two people who don't get along has been done well (The War of the Roses) and not so well (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), but the point is that it has been done, so if you are going to do it again you better bring something new to the table and that cannot be said for this film.

Pretty sad when the biggest laughs happen during the credits. So make a point of staying for them.

Special Features:
– Sitting Down with Cameron and Ashton
– From the Law Firm of Stephen J. Hader, Esq.
– DVD Extra Time with Zach Galifianakis
– Gag reel
– An Inside Look at "Marley and Me"
– DVD trailers
– Digital Copy

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