Shine A Light – Blu-Ray Edition

The new Rolling Stones bio-pic, Shine A Light recorded during live performances at the Beacon Theatre in New York City is much larger than life, as they say. Do we really need to count the wrinkles on The Rolling Stoners' faces? "Say ah," Mick's tonsils look alright and how many fillings does Mick have in his mouth

For the die hard Rolling Stones fan or as a matter of fact any fan that has had to endure horrible sound problems at past Stones concerts, this film is a must see for you. This dynamic concert film will allow you to enjoy the Rolling Stones like no other seen before. The only aspect lacking from this movie is the documentary element. The first five minutes of the flick highlights the difficulties coordinating their concert from two different continents. The concert itself was a spectacular display of the Stones music and their incredible showmanship.

Shine A Light also has its share of special guests. President Clinton opens the concert with a few words followed by special performances by Christina Aguilera, Buddy Guy, Jack White and a most memorable version of "Champagne and Reefer" by Muddy Waters. Overall, I give Shine a Light a 4 lighter flames out of five.

Special Features:
-Four Bonus Performances: "Paint It Black," "Undercover of the Night," "Little T&A," and "I'm Free."
-Behind the Scenes

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