Interview with Brazilian Girls, Part 1

Just before playing a live show here in Montreal three members of The Brazilian Girls (Didi Gutman – keyboards, Jesse Murphy – bass and Sabina Sciubba – vocals) sat down for an often wild, but always enlightening conversation with Orcasound.

Orcasound: How did you come up with the name Brazilian Girls?

Didi: Actually, the name came to us from above and it actually channeled to Aaron.

Jesse: Due to all the Brazilian girls coming to our gigs.

Orcasound: You were hitting on all the Brazilian girls in New York City?

Jesse: All the Brazilian girls were hitting on us.

Didi: So it came from above.

Orcasound: Sabina, you speak five languages. Where did you pick up all your languages from? You were born in Italy and then lived in Munich.

Sabina: I lived in a town outside Munich to be correct. And I lived in France, in the south. And then in New York and that's I guess how I picked them up. And now I keep learning other languages. I'm studying Arabic and Mandarin (Chinese). I think I'm pretty advanced. Getting beyond the conversation level. I've been using and teaching. The afternoons when I have time I'm teaching.

Didi: Can we start again, but in French?

Orcasound: What's with the eyewear on stage? What's with the sexy eyewear? When did that start?

Didi: You mean the no eyes?

Orcasound: Exactly

Jesse: Interesting how that equals sex.

Sabina: Yeah, I wonder why. I would have never though about sexy.

Jesse: There's something about not seeing that fantastic.

Orcasound: Was it just something that just happened one day?

Sabina: Well, it kinda came up out of the blue. Jesse encouraged it. The boys went crazy and then it stayed.

Orcasound: You guys are all over the place pretty much. What got you to stay in New York City? Is it just because it's a hub for music? You like the energy there.

Jesse: Yes, it's because of the music. I am crazy about New York City. It's one of the greatest cities in the world. It's still a huge city as opposed to living somewhere beautiful, mellower and nicer. But it's worth it for the music.

Didi: Why are you gonna put up with the filth if it wasn't for music.

Jesse: There's definitely nicer cities to live in. That's the thing about spending a lot of time in Amsterdam in the winter. To know about European press a little bit more.

Orcasound: What do you love about Amsterdam?

Jesse: Everything

Sabina: The canals

Jesse: Exactly. The weed. The whores. The prostitutes.

Didi: The bicycles

Sabina: The mushrooms. K-Swiss.

Jesse: The Dutch girls. Art.

Didi: Cheese

Jesse: I think we're gonna do some stuff with K-Swiss over there. In Amsterdam. Do a little recording. It's a good thing.

Orcasound: What kind of crazy stuff goes on onstage? When you were here at the Jazz Fest I heard you guys were…

Jesse: We couldn't hear anything and it was a disaster. We all started hitting each other for about 25 minutes. That's the crazy shit that happened.

Orcasound: It's tough for you guys to hear what's going on sometimes?

Jesse: No…sometimes.

Sabina: Sometimes. Well, ya know a lot of times in festivals you don't get a soundcheck and usually the sound is tough. The last time we played here we had really good sound.

Jesse: The crazy shit that happened is that you stripped, Didi broke his keyboard and I jumped on the drum set. I was drunk.

Sabina: And Aaron poured a bottle of glue over his head and waited until it got firm and asphyxiated himself. That's why he's not here today.

Didi: We're nothing compared to Brad Johnston Massacre. We're average.

Jesse: We haven't reached that level. We haven't been working hard enough.

Sabina: We're kinda too nice.

Didi: It's not that. It's just a different kind of drugs.

Sabina: We're kinda hoping next record we can get into the heroin.

Jesse: That's the final drug.

Sabina: That's why we moved to Europe to get closer to the source.

Orcasound: You guys were actually handing out doobies on a tray at the Jazz Festival?

Didi: No. C'mon!

Jesse: Of course.

Sabina: Of course. Of course. You don't remember? You were so wasted you forgot already. We had lines of cocaine. Weed. We're very generous people.

Jesse: We can hook you up. If anybody ever comes to New York all they have to do is get in touch with us.

Orcasound: I appreciate that.

Sabina: All you have to do is touch us.

Jesse: Yeah, it's a proximity issue.

Sabina: The closer you are the easier.

Jesse: The more your chakras start to…

Stay tuned for part 2 of interview coming shortly…

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