Alice Cooper Concert Preview

Vincent Damien Furnier is better known under his stage name of Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper is a character (a very dark and twisted one) made up by the sharp mind of this singer. Were you aware that Alice Cooper was the name of Furnier's original group? When they broke up he liked the name so much that he adapted it as his own. That was roughly five decades ago and what a ride it has been!

Always playing a heavier style of rock, Cooper has evolved from garage rock to glam rock to hard rock and finally back to his roots in garage rock. Way before Marilyn Manson or the like he introduced horror into rock. Using crazy makeup, costumes, mock executions, guillotines, and other dark images on stage, watching this man perform is like seeing a play. His stage set up amplifies the lyrics of his songs and it all is intended to shock you.

With 18 solo albums released and countless live shows performed this man is a consummate performer. He is also one of the more beloved acts in the entire hard rock genre…ever. This antihero has become a hero to many. And let's be frank, he's not getting any younger (he's 60), so make sure you see him before he hangs up his electric chair.

Additional Information:
-Venue Location: 1594 St. Denis
-Ticket Purchase: or (514) 908-9090
-Ticket Price: $68.26 (plus taxes and service charges)
-Show Time: 8:00 p.m. (Doors @ 7:00 p.m.)
-Opening Act: Econoline Crush

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