Shy'm launched her career with a solid debut album entitled "Mes Fantaisies" back in 2007. The 22 year old returns with her follow up entitled "Reflets." This young lady has a warm voice and she is able to convey her emotions quite well in each song. Not many artists are able to do that. Shy'm sounds like she is just being herself which makes the CD quite enjoyable to listen to. Her debut single from "Reflets" is called "Premiere Fois," which is captivating. It is followed by the upbeat and confident "Step back." The romantic "Tout est dit" is sweet. "Si tu savais" is also a good effort. It should also be mentioned that the multi-talented K-Maro has co-written all the tracks, produced this album and even drops some vocals on the cool track "A l'abri." An excellent album.

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