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Recently I've been thinking about these first few upcoming columns. Some general questions have run through my mind: how will I feel after revealing exceptionally personal aspects of my life? Will anyone be interested in reading about my own subjective thoughts regarding relationships, dating and having fun? Regardless of the public's actual interest, this forum will undoubtedly become a cathartic outlet for myself. Does that sound too self-serving for a public forum? Perhaps…but by telling interesting, personal stories about relationships, sensibilities, preferences, differences and the whole wide varied waco world of dating I hope some of you will get interested. Maybe you'll get so interested you will even start dating again, if you've stopped. I trust you will also feel inclined to contribute some of your own thoughts and stories to Orcadates. This site is semi-censored as we are responsible to our public and sponsors, but we are completely open to a wide variety of ideas about dating and meeting friends…so drop us an e-mail anytime.

My next couple of reviews will be about smells, sensibilities and senses. For now, I want to tell you about my recent ascent in one of Montreal's tallest and busiest buildings on Metcalf Street during lunchtime. The elevator was jam-packed with over-perfumed women and perhaps even a couple of malodorous men. This disturbing situation eventually let me go on the 34th floor but gave me a major headache in the process. Why do people hide their own wonderful innate smells with awful headache-inducing scents? Yes, my sense of smell clearly works overtime and has often come in the way of potential connections with women.

I used to be upfront regarding my distain about my past girlfriend's smells or as the politically correct like to call it…"fragrances." Lately, those nose hair-curling odors have put a halt on a few potential relationships. As I've matured I have come to realize that I don't want to change anyone because of my idiosyncrasies. It's unfortunate that due to some insignificant flaws in a woman's overall presentation I am unable to get close to her. Why do women find comfort in those unrelenting aromas?

The smell of cologne, oils, musk, eau du toilet (toilet water?) churns my stomach. Often, women have mentioned that their personal fragrance is NOT like the rest -but it is. I've heard the same justifications all too often: "it's very underlying, very subtle"-Not. "I get a lot of compliments about my fragrance"-of course, because anyone that found it annoying probably didn't say anything.

I know that I am not alone, but few are probably as intolerant as I am. Life without Opium, Eternity, Obsession, Dune, Poison and Patchouli only to mention a few would be magnificent for me and probably for a major portion of the population as well. Unfortunately, the fragrance and cosmetic industries have manipulated the masses into buying into their multi-billion dollar industry and any significant change in society's ways is unrealistic, especially in my lifetime.

No matter how attractive and interesting a woman may be, it's her odor that will be a major deciding factor when it comes down to compatibility for me and my senses. If anyone has any feedback on this topic please get back to me with your views.

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