Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles of All-Time

Our hair is something that everyone frets over. None of us seem to have the handle over our lids. We agonize over the length and cut. We stay up nights worrying about colour and what products we should use. A sign that our hair and its style is on everyone's mind is that when you go into the pharmacy the shampoo and hair product aisle is one of the largest. We are all searching for that miracle product that will make our hair look like that of the stars. We scour the magazines, cut out pictures and bring them to our stylists to tell them "Give me the Rachel." The stars have the best stylists at their beck and call 24/7 and that is why they look so good all the time. Here are examples of the Top 10, in no particular order, hairstyles of the stars that have caused many an average Joe or Jane to (no pun intended) pull their hair out trying to copy.

1) The Aniston: Every girl out there from the second season that Jennifer Aniston appeared on the television sitcom "Friends" has wanted to have her hair. It is basically a long, layered shag which has become more refined over the years. The do looks thick, shiny, straight as an arrow, and easy to manage. It is surfer chic cool by day and sleek and sexy by night.

2) The Farrah: Farrah Fawcett was on the television program "Charlie's Angels" during the 1970s. Her feathered back locks were all the rage. Men everywhere wanted to run their fingers through this thick, wavy do. It was the hairdo of the disco era. It is even making a comeback today.

3) The Beatles: During the 1950s their hairstyle was considered scandalous. It was too long and crazy for these demure times. The kids loved it, though, and men all over the world imitated their hairdos.

4) The Bob or Pob: Victoria Beckham has always been a fashion forward kind of lady and that extends to her hair. Keeping her hair short for the most part she put her own twist on the traditional bob. When she cut her hair in a variation of the tried and true bob, it was dubbed "The Pob". This asymmetrical short cut can vary between smooth and sleek to messy and tussled. It was so influential that other stars like Paris Hilton and Rihanna copied it.

5) David Beckham: Not to be outdone by his wife, fashion conscious footballer David Beckham's hair has been analyzed as much as his play on the field. From practically bald to the fauxhawk he's tried it all and been imitated by many.

6) Meg Ryan: Her girl-next-door appeal even extends to her hair. During the "When Harry Met Sally" and "You've Got Mail" period of her careers it seemed like every second woman had her short, mussy do. It has now become a classic.

7) Elvis Presley: Elvis's ducktail, slicked back hairdo was all the rage in the 1950s and continues to have fans within the rockabilly community. The style had a comeback in the 1970s when John Travolta sported it in the film "Grease". The Elvis 'quiff' is one of the more iconic hairstyles of all time.

8) Dorothy Hamill: Her wedge – short and sassy – was a hit during the 1970s. The wedge has often been mixed with the bob. The way she wore it has that innocent look about it.

9) Audrey Hepburn: She made the boy-cut or the pixie hot. Of course, if you looked like that you might be able to cut off all your hair as well. Lately people like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham have been spotted wearing a Hepburn inspired hairstyle.

10) Jackie Kennedy: Her bouffant was all over the place in the 60s. She was not the first to wear her hair in that style (Mary Tyler Moore) but she made if famous. All of Hollywood was wearing it after she started the trend. It is making a comeback in a 'big' way with artists like Amy Winehouse and Duffy wearing their hair in the beehive/bouffant style.

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