Office Space – Blu-ray Edition

It was the release of this film 6 years ago that convinced me that Jennifer Aniston was interested in being an actress and not just a Hollywood star. Two completely different things! With Office Space, director/writer Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead television program) has recreated with great accuracy what it Continue Reading

The National Parcs Concert Preview

Montreal-based The National Parcs are an odd yet highly interesting trio. On their last album they used samples from the great outdoors, such as the sound of wood splitting, water dripping and paddles hitting the water. Nothing is too odd for these cats. They combine these odd samples with the Continue Reading


This album marks the third full length release for UK's Architects (not to be confused with the American rock band by the same name). The album opens up with intense by booming guitar riffs and bass lines on the song "Early Grave", a sound that will be revisited throughout the Continue Reading