Flash of Genius

The theme of this film, while seemingly fairly innocent, is really highly controversial. Robert Kearns (Greg Kinnear), a PhD, professor and a father of six, discovers how to mirror the in sync mechanism of the eye when it cleans dust and water out of its environment to invent the intermittent windshield wiper. This move is controversial because it's hard to imagine what you would do in his situation. You just created a multi-million dollar invention. But things go drastically wrong and you can either be bought out, raise your family in luxury, live in paradise with your wife, but never be acknowledged as the inventor or struggle through a multitude of humiliating court cases to establish the fact that you were the one who invented this creation. A dilemma to say the least.

The movie had decent acting but what really stood out for me were some really great screenshots with some neat close-ups of the rain hitting the windshield and getting wiped away by the wiper. The movie is very obvious and seems to follow the same theme of the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness"; in that both their wives leave them and probably regret it once their ex-husbands become successful in the end.

Greg Kinnear I find isn't a great actor, but in a way he looks like Humphrey Bogart, which makes him a slightly more tolerable actor, but he played his part well. If the Oscars had a cousin who nobody cared about, I would give Greg Kinnear this award.

This movie was very slow and pretty boring; the only interesting part was the end of the movie which involves the court case. The movie begins with a flash of boredom and remains a solar eclipse of over exaggerated acting and dialogue. Towards the end it becomes a ten minute spurt of verbal action which, in my case, was followed by getting up and going home as fast as possible.

If one day, you are home alone and nothing is on TV or the movie channel, and this movie happens to be on you should watch it. However, if it doesn't make it onto the History Channel or any other channel, you should probably just forget this movie ever existed. To be really contradictory, if you want to see a bad movie with a good moral conundrum to it, that will make you ponder what you would do in his place, waste 12 years of family happiness or become the patented inventor, you should see it.
Special Features:
-Deleted scenes

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