Speed Dating 101

Where is the love? Or where has all the love gone?

I decided it would be a great idea to start meeting new people. What a better place to go but to a random speed dating event! It's simple. You pay in advance to meet approximately ten average Joes who are trying as hard as you to find that special someone or a significant other, perhaps? Maybe a quick fling? Just a reason to get away from your computer and the on-line gaming party you had going.

The first time I attended was quite a shock. There were some really attractive ladies on display. It got me thinking: "Has it really come down to this? Beautiful women like us can't find a decent guy to take us out or just spend some time with? In Montreal???" I did ask a few of them why they came, and just like my friend and I, it was their first experience as well. One had just moved into the city and thought of using this method to meet new people. Another was going through a long dateless spell (Her choice? Emotional withdrawal? One can never tell). Most of the others, myself included, wanted a new take on dating. Meeting someone for the first time and hoping he/she will be worthwhile.

There's the quick meet and greet preliminaries, complementary drinks and appetizers included. You observe. Who is he? I'd like to know what this one's all about. Smile and be polite! Can't let him know he doesn't have a chance right away…He might be a good talker…

The hostess introduces herself and explains how it works:
-All the ladies will take a seat at a table, and all you lucky guys will take your turn with every date. Don't get too comfortable because you have to respect your 8 minute time limit. When you hear the gong, please end the conversation and move to the next table ahead of you.

-Ah, that's too bad what if I really like one of my dates?

-Well, we have to be fair, so you each have a card with you. Write down each date's name and next to his or her name, check the yes or no square. It's that simple. At the end of the night, I will match the yeses together and send you an e-mail the next day letting you know who you matched with. You will only know about the ones you wanted to meet as well. Then the ball's in your court to make the next step to meet each other.

I had my second drink in my hand. Man, was I nervous; I barely go out on regular dates as it is! I did some intense preparations to make it there. I think I even had a dress on; I own 3 dresses, two of which are identical, just different colors.

I have a seat. The first one I had a word with was very handsome; nice smile, clean outdoors look: sandals, acid-washed dark jeans, natural fabric sweater. He was cute. I barely remember the conversation I just knew I was definitely interested in dating this one.

The other ones were, well at least seemed to give me the impression they were desperate for love. As well as completely into themselves.

-So, Basil, what's your ethnic background?

-Guess, actually I'll give you 3 guesses

We only have 8 minutes. How long is it going to take me to guess?


-Well, not far…


-Really good! That's amazing I didn't think you would get it so fast, you're good. Have you ever travelled Sandra?

-Well, actually…

-Oh, because I've been almost around the world you know, with my realtor business and all. I just recently came back from Phoenix, you can probably tell from my tan, property there's dirt cheap now and we're capitalizing on that. I didn't get much of a chance to golf, had too many meetings, but in due time, I'll take a well-deserved vacation. Probably on a cruise or an all-inclusive where I don't have to worry about scheduling things for myself. At work, I have a secretary. Thank goodness for her, or I'd be lost at sea somewhere.

-So what is it that you do again?

-You never asked.

-Right, right.


-Well I guess our time together's up. Hope to see you again. Enjoy your other dates!

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