Top 10 Male Fashion Icons of All Time

Celebrities have plenty of influence over us. We are fascinated by them and their lifestyles. We want to have it for ourselves so we end up emulating them. One way that we do so is dressing like them. Though men's fashion is not thought of or discussed as often as female it still is important. Men are more conservative than women and will not wear something unless someone else has tried it out first. Here, in no particular order, is a list of ten male celebrities who have, during their careers, become the men that other men look to for fashion tips:

1) David Beckham: Everything la Becks does is hot! He's a hottie!! It is really not fair because he looks good in everything from a tuxedo to a sarong. He is obviously very fashion conscious and stays on top of what the latest trends are.

2) George Clooney: The man personifies elegance and old time Hollywood charisma. There's nothing fancy about it but he knows how to wear a suit. You will never see him on the Worst Dressed list at any red carpet event he attends.

3) Brad Pitt: He is an eclectic dresser but not too grungy like Johnny Depp. He can show up in jeans and a t-shirt but also looks great in a suit. Left to his own devices his style is casual but he injects plenty of flair into it. No one can make a biker outfit look so chic.

4) James Dean: The epitome of cool. He was a rebel with a fashion sense. James Dean knew what worked and stuck with it. With his Levis jeans, leather biker jacket and white t-shirt he created a look that has been emulated for decades by men.

5) Sean 'Diddy' Combs: He has had more influence over styles and trends in the last 10 years than anyone. What he wears is hot and is what everyone wants. Plus he has a line of his own clothes that he helps design.

6) Frank Sinatra: Hey, mafia chic is cool. No one wore a fedora like this guy! He could wear a suit and still look like he could kick your butt.

7) Karl Lagerfield: This famous clothes designer also knows how to wear the duds. His styles have been worn by all the more fashionable male celebrities for decades.

8) Ralph Lauren: Who does not own one of his polo shirts? For many years now this man almost single-handedly has made the preppy look hot.

9) Mick Jagger: Rocker chic. Who wore the original skinny jeans and made wafer thin bodies a fashion accessory for men? This man. He always showed a flair for livening up the jeans and tshirt look onstage with a scarf or belt.

10) James Bond: His way with a tuxedo and the ladies led to many a guy dreaming of being him. When men put on a tux they are thinking they are James Bond. Not many a man can be this cool.

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