Ever since Tom Cruise began jumping on couches and professing his love for Katie Holmes the public has wanted him to fail. We've mocked his films, his personality, and even his religious choice. We've questioned his sanity. Nothing is off limits in our quest to bring down one of the Continue Reading

Deep Winter

The film has great snowboarding/skiing and scenery, but not much else. The story is a bit hokey and the acting….well, is not the greatest. Fans of outdoor Warren Miller style films might take something positive out of it. Tyrone Crowe (Eric Lively – American Pie, The Butterfly Effect 2) is Continue Reading

Pushing Red Buttons

For me a good album, no matter the style of music, relies on three things: a good voice, strong lyrics and a couple of catchy hooks. Unfortunately this album has none of the three. There are two lead vocalists in Pushing Red Buttons, Rich Gaglia and Dave Clark, and while Continue Reading