Top Running Shoe Trends 2009

Athletic shoes are not just for athletes. Running shoes today are more for 'urban' wear and making fashion statements than working out in. Like everything else though style and comfort are the main issues. Comfort is everything in today's society and what is more comfortable that a nice pair of running shoes. Your puppies will thank you if you wear a good pair.

While running shoe design does not change radically styles do. This year there are several hot styles in running shoe wear, such as:

-Bright colours: The neon oranges and pinks are hot, hot, hot in running shoes.

-Athletic Sandals: Shoes with regular running shoe soles, but an open concept on top are showing up everywhere. While they don't protect your feet they do provide more support than your average sandal.

-Retro: Retro styles from the 70s and 80s are still in.

-Converse Chuck Taylor Canvas shoes: The original basketball shoe is back with a vengeance. Mostly in the white and black colours.

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