Grammy Nominees 2009

Normally I don't see the purpose of compilation albums in this era of downloading music. Why buy a compilation album when you can make your own? Well, throw that out the window when it comes to the Grammy Nominees albums. They are great collector's items in that it gives you a clear picture of the most popular music of the year and the trends/sounds in music.

What you see is that the old school soul sound was popular with the likes of Duffy, Adele and Estelle. Women, like Lady Antebellum, Allison Kraus and Pink, had a good year in that they make up 11 of the 20 songs. New artists like Sara Bareilles, Jazmine Sullivan and Leona Lewis were discovered. The Brits, such as Coldplay, M.I.A and Robert Plant, dominated the charts. And it was the year of cheeky pop queen Katy Perry with her song "I Kissed a Girl". Altogether not a bad year in music.

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