Martini Movies Collection

5ive directed by Arch Oboler:

A nuclear bomb destroys most of the Earth and the people on it but five survivors remain. A pregnant woman, a black man, a philosopher, a banker and an explorer live in an abandoned house. However their differences threaten to destroy them all.

Our Man in Havana directed by Carol Reed:

Vacuum cleaner salesman Jim Wormold (played by Alec Guiness) is recruited by the British Secret Service and becomes the unlikeliest of all agents. Working in Cuba, or more accurately, trying to avoid working, Wormold creates a web of lies in order to make it look like he has something to do.

The local police decide to check into his messages and chaos ensues in Havana. Wormold is up to his own neck in the mess he's created.

Gumshoe directed by Stephen Frears:

Eddie Ginley (played by Albert Finney) was a comedian and is now working as a private eye. He gets into trouble when he meets an obese man and a femme fatale. Ginley uses his street smarts to save the gal and keep her safe from a drug smuggling ring.

Vibes directed by Ken Kwapis:

Sylvia Picket (played by Cyndi Lauper) and Nick Deezy (played by Jeff Goldblum) are two psychics who are hired by a man to find an ancient treasure in South America. While running through the jungles of Ecuador the stumble upon an ancient ruin that releases paranormal power forcing the duo to use their psychic powers to save themselves and everyone else.

Getting Straight directed by Richard Rush:

College student and Vietnam veteran Harry Bailey (played by Elliott Gould) is very close to getting his Masters degree. Throughout his campus student protests are breaking out and Harry is divided between siding with the students or not. His stress is increased when his girlfriend (played by Candice Bergen) starts making not too subtle hints about marriage. Harry has to choose between his beliefs and his career.

Special Features: Original Theatrical Trailers, How to Become a Villain, Secrets of Deception, Secrets of Seduction, and How to Travel in Style

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