Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois 2009 Wrap-Up

This year there were over 35,000 reasons why the 27th edition of this film festival was a success. 35,000 is the number of patrons who can to watch one or more of the over 350 films screened at this year's Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois. Even during the cold days of February and the economic recession the public still gave the festival two thumbs up and some of their hard earned dollars. It was a festival full of highlights…besides the high quality of films to be seen.

With a multitude of eclectic and diverse films to take in a wider range (age and otherwise) of people took in the festival. Dozens of screenings were sold out and many more were filled to near capacity. The possibility of hearing the like of Eric Canuel, Chares Binamé, Céline Bonnier, Patrick Huard, Catherine De Léan, Léa Pool, and Denis Coté talk about their films was a rare and treasured opportunity that Montreal film fans lapped up.

Realizing that more and more people are staying in front of their high-definition televisions to watch TV programs the RVCQ integrated Quebec-made television into their program. A special treat was a sneak peek at an episode of the popular show "Invincibles" at l'Auditorium de la Grande Bibliothèque. Many stars of the series were in attendance. There were over 300 people there to enjoy every moment – commercial free.

One thing that Montrealers are famous for is our love of 5 à 7s. Tapping into to that love, the organizers, along with their featured sponsor SAQ, organized a nightly cocktail event for the 10 evenings of the festival. The atmosphere at the cocktails was electric and gave cinephiles a chance to gather to discuss their favourite subject – films.

The 28th edition of the Rendez-vous du cinema Quebecois is slated for February 17-27, 2010. We can start counting the days!

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