10 Worst Dressed Stars

When mere mortals like you or I get up in the morning and get dressed or throw on something before we go out for a night on the town all the decisions are made by ourselves. We get no help other than maybe a well-intentioned friend who gives us the thumb up or down. This sometimes leads to some dodgy clothes choices or fashion faux-pas. It's to be expected.

When we are talking about Hollywood stars or starlets there is no excuse. They all have oodles of money, clothes sent to them by designers and stylists. With their bodies by trainers and clothes by stylists they have no reason to look bad. Surprisingly there are always a few that manage to look like Liberace blew up all over them.

Here is my list, in no particular order, of some of the habitual bad dressers in Hollywood:

1) Pamela Anderson: Stripper chic is so passé. She dresses like a porn star (not a compliment) no matter the occasion.
2) Courtney Love: She always looks like she is just coming down from a heroin high. Rat's nest hair, plenty of layers that don't match and are messy and runny makeup. A disaster even for a rock star.
3) Mariah Carey: Crazy or not the lady is just all over the place when it comes to her clothes choices. She just doesn't seem to be aware of what looks good on her.
4) Dennis Rodman: Piercings, tattoos and wedding dresses are some of the looks that this ex-NBA star has tried. Too wild. To crazy.
5) Mary-Kate Olsen: She is the twin with no fashion sense. She always tries for that bohemian look and misses it by a mile. She ends up looking like a bag lady.
6) Amy Winehouse: I feel like this is a cheap shot but…..looking like you dressed in the dark and haven't washed or combed your hair in 3 years is not fashionable in my book.
7) Bai Ling: Just plain weird. This Asian actress is a beautiful woman who suffers from no fashion sense.
8) Tilda Swinton: Okay, we know that you don't play the Hollywood game but still! The Oscars are a huge event and you come looking like a clown? Make the effort!
9) Helena Bonham Carter: She always looks like she took home the wardrobes from her films. And that is not a compliment as she has starred in films like the Harry Potter series, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Planet of the Apes.
10) Michael Jackson: I know you are not supposed to attack the King of Pop but c'mon. The masks, the sparkly army jackets 20 years later, shiny medals everywhere, and even wearing his pyjamas around. Hey, only Hugh Hefner can get away with that.

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