The Art of Conversation

What is it about talking to the opposite sex that makes most everyone's stomach queasy? You won't even get a sniff of first base in most cases unless you at least utter a few words. To even get to the flirting stage you have to at least introduce yourself. So why do so many of us have problems getting to the "Hi! My name is…." stage?

Especially for men if you are looking for Miss Right then the best way to attract her is be a good conversationalist. Now, this doesn't mean you have to have been born with the gift of the gab but there are several ways you can get better at talking to the opposite sex.

1) Practice: Like anything the more you do it the more comfortable you'll feel. Yes, there will be the occasional lout who will blow you off before you even say 10 words but just take it as part of the journey to finding your mate and it will roll off your back like water off a duck's. Start off talking to people you know to build your confidence. That's easier. Then move on to strangers. They don't have to be the hottie at the club but try the bank teller or the lady at your local coffee shop. You are not trying to get these people into the sack (or are you?) so the pressure is off.

2) Learn to Ask Questions: If people wanted a soliloquy they would take in Shakespeare in the Park. Show your interest in the person you are talking to by listening to what they say and then asking questions. You want the other person to talk to you and so they get 'involved' with you.

3) Encourage Them to Give You Their Opinion: Everyone loves it when they believe that the person they are talking to values their opinion. Makes you feel important and encourages you to continue speaking to the person. That's what you're going for. That they are engaged.

4) Avoid Controversial Topics: Don't talk about serial killers, religion or politics right off the bat. These subjects can be either unsavoury or divisive. With women don't talk about male subjects like wrestling, porn or action films. With guys don't discuss feelings, marriage or chick flicks. They just won't interest the person you're talking to.

5) Give Compliments: Everyone likes to hear positive things about themselves. Be original and compliment them on their clothes instead of the usual looks.

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