Chris Isaak

First album since 2002! Chris, it's been too long! Whatever this guy does it seems to ooze with coolness. His music has always had that je ne said quoi about it. Despite the fact that it is 7 years later his music still falls into that retro-rock category. There are Continue Reading

Salon de la Beaute 2009 Preview

If you have anything to do with or are interested in any way to the hair and beauty domain then these two days are gonna rock your world. Every important hair stylist, esthetician and colorist will be in town to introduce new products, techniques and the latest in hair styles Continue Reading

Bob Baker Interview

Orcasound: It's the 70th anniversary of Pinocchio. Could you have ever imagined? Bob Baker: It's the 70th anniversary of Pinocchio. I saw the film when it first opened and I went all day. They finally had to tell me to leave and I had to leave after the last showing. Continue Reading

Ian Tyson

New material from Canadian country legend Ian Tyson for the first time in four years is something to shout from the tops of the Rockies about. These are 10 very personal and intimate songs. Beautiful is the best word that can be used to describe this album. What you will Continue Reading


InsideaMind is a duo comprised of two turntablists who have now released their debut album. "Scatterpopia" is the perfect example of a CD that should be listened to with earphones. Hear all the intricacies. Eliminate all the background noise and appreciate their talent, which has grown in leaps and bounds Continue Reading