Chris Isaak

First album since 2002! Chris, it's been too long! Whatever this guy does it seems to ooze with coolness. His music has always had that je ne said quoi about it. Despite the fact that it is 7 years later his music still falls into that retro-rock category. There are some dabblings into swing and country arenas, but Mr. Cool…um…Lucky is still a rock kinda guy.

There are two interesting duets with Michelle Branch and Trisha Yearwood on the CD, which allow Isaak to show different sides of himself. The Yearwood track is called "Breaking Apart" (co-written by Isaak and hit machine Diane Warren) and is a heartbreaker of a ballad. On the Branch/Isaak duet the two trade some nice harmonies. Another standout for me is the track that would not have been out of place on a Bryan Adams album, "Best I Ever Had".

Like he has always been Chris Isaak is not interested in musical trends or experimenting, he is what he is and we love him for it.

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