InsideaMind is a duo comprised of two turntablists who have now released their debut album. "Scatterpopia" is the perfect example of a CD that should be listened to with earphones. Hear all the intricacies. Eliminate all the background noise and appreciate their talent, which has grown in leaps and bounds since they got together three years ago.

They, Professor Fingers (Cheldon Paterson) and Steptone (Eric Laar) of Toronto, prove with this CD that they are not only guys who can make music up on the spot, but can also compose. It is electronic hip hop fused with jazz and experimental stuff. They use their turntables like instruments to create this multi-layered atmospheric outing. They seem like a perfect choice to score a film one day.

Influenced by the likes of Kid Koala and Bjork, the duo have called on such talented folk as Montreal's own Ghislain Poirier and spoken-word artist Sarah Sayeed to help them out on "Scatterpopia".

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