Salon de Beaute 2009

As I get older I begin to realize how hard it is to look your best. Any help you can get is wonderful. In this regards the perfect event happened this past weekend at the Palais de Congres. Each year the Salon de Beauté (presented by the ABA – Allied Beauty Association) brings us all the hot trends in hair, make up and nails. Now you might be thinking that this salon would only be of interest to the female of the sex. Au contraire mon ami, there were plenty of men to be found, metrosexual or otherwise, looking into the products surrounding these areas.

While the hair portion of the salon tends to dominate, this year things were a little different. There was more space dedicated to make up, nails, tanning, and body products than ever. Don't let me mislead you – the majority of the vast amount of square footage was occupied by the likes of Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Schwarzkopf, KMS California, and, of course, the huge multi-tiered Redken stage. Each of these had almost continuous demonstrations done by some of their best stylists on both days. We learned what colours were hot (blonde and red), that the Amy Winehouse inspired beehive is still in and what products make it easier to achieve some of these styles.

Amidst all these demos the stage that caught my eye (and plenty of other people judging by the crowds) was a newcomer called Spice 'n Ice. As you can tell by the title this was all about blondes and redheads. The space in front of their stage was packed at all times with people craning to see what they had to offer. In this kind of competitive everyone-is-bringing-their-A-game kind of format it is impressive if you can separate yourself from the others.

Another remarkable aspect to the salon was the fact that you could not walk ten steps without bumping into a booth that had to do with hair extensions or eyelash extensions. Making what you got longer is hot, hot, hot. In regards to hair extensions there was a plethora of choices (even a Paris Hilton company), colours and lengths. What they were all trying to stress is that you don't have to choose between long or short hair. You can have it both as they were there to show you that you don't have to be a professional anymore to put in extensions. They are now easy breezy. Clip them into place and you can go from chin length hair to Lady Godiva length. In the same respect the hot thing in eyelashes is the longer the better. Some are easy to apply, whereas the longer and more glam types (some were silver or other colours) are trickier and require a professional. Some booths were there to do just that for you. You could have gone in with short stubbies and left with long, luscious lashes (say that three times quickly!).

In regards to body care, nails and make up natural what was up front and centre. There were several companies that had every flavour you could possibly want in body crèmes. OPI nail company was there with every colour in the rainbow. Make up colours ran in the nude and pale colour palettes.

To round out the experience they even had tanning beds and crèmes along with a company that would whiten your teeth a guaranteed 8 shades in mere minutes. They even had jewellery for teeth and nails. What will they think of next??

The highlight of this salon for me is always the fact that the distributors of the products are there alongside the companies and they sell it at reduced prices. I always make out like a bandit. Last year I spent $60 odd dollars and had enough shampoo and conditioner to last me to this year. An opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Speaking of opportunities that shouldn't be missed, if you did not go to the Salon de Beauté this year then make sure you snap out of it at the beginning of March 2010 long enough to head on over. You won't be disappointed.

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