There have been plenty of films about corporate espionage and special agents double crossing each other to get what they want. Duplicity is such a film and features a duo that cross paths and go against the rule of mixing business and pleasure.

Two feuding corporations are trying to outdo one another and get the next big product that will bring in the millions. Former spies Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts) and Ray Coval (Clive Owen) get paired up to play on opposite sides in order to figure out what the other company's new product is and to steal the formula on how to make it. Problem number one…they don't trust each other. Problem number two…they're judgement gets clouded when their work relationship turns into an intimate one as well. And last but not least, problem number three…this entire situation is not what it seems and what they assume to be accurate information, is far from being so. Sounds confusing? You bet, but eventually it all starts to make sense.

Julia and Clive have good chemistry throughout the film. . It was shot in a stylish way, particularly the funny slow motion brawl scene between the feuding companies head honchos. That was one of the best scenes of the film.

The script was a bit confusing at times but eventually it started to make sense as it went along. There were a lot of scenes going back in time, which became a bit annoying after some time. The ending was surprising but a bit of a letdown. They could have put more thought into it. Overall was a good effort.

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