L’Empreinte de L’Ange

This psychological thriller has a kind of old school feel to it. There is no blood (okay maybe two bloody noses), no creepy music or things jumping out. It just constructed with good acting (especially on the part of Catherine Frot), a tight script and plenty of suspense to boot. Continue Reading

Lindsay Katt

Her voice is a smooth as a baby's bottom…wait a minute…is that a compliment. Anyways, I meant it in a good way. Her music will remind you of a different time musically. That of Joni Mitchell or Carly Simon or even Suzanne Vega. Such intimacy and honesty you don't often Continue Reading


What happens when two guys (brothers, actually) from New York get together with two guys from Ireland? They form a rock band, of course. Here they are an indie band, but in Ireland they are a huge hit. With a couple of Top 30 hits in Ireland with songs that Continue Reading