Lindsay Katt

Her voice is a smooth as a baby's bottom…wait a minute…is that a compliment. Anyways, I meant it in a good way. Her music will remind you of a different time musically. That of Joni Mitchell or Carly Simon or even Suzanne Vega. Such intimacy and honesty you don't often see from an artist. Especially one who is just releasing her debut album. The album is entirely acoustic and the arrangements minimal, but her voice and lyrics spruce up the joint just fine. On certain songs there are nice little orchestral touches and they really add much to the songs.

Born in Montana, she taught herself how to play music and did a fine job. A more contemporary comparison would be to Fiona Apple, but it would be Fiona Apple on happy pills. This girl is tons more positive. Someone to keep an eye or ear out for in the future.

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