Male Fashion Trends Summer 2009

Here is a list of hot fashion trends for summer 2009 for all you guys out there to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion:

-Suits: Even in the summer a guy has got to look sharp! What's a must is to make sure your suit has skinny pants and some flairs in the jacket like a silk lapel or satin stripe.

-Vests: All different kinds – knit or suit – are where it's at. The geekier the better! With a suit or on its own. Anything goes.

-Ties: Not only worn with a suit. It can be paired with a casual look.

-Wide Pants: Maybe in rebellion to the skinny jean look. Pair with a nice pair of slip ons and a jacket and off you go.

-Shorts: Of all lengths, colours and styles.

-Plunging Neckline: The lower your v-neck goes the better. In t-shirts, cardigans or shirts.

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