Under the Sea 3D

Narrated by comedic actor Jim Carrey (Yes Man, Horton Hears a Who!) this is another IMAX 3D film about nature and the environment. It seems like these topics, due to their vivid colours and stunning visuals, really translate well onto the huge screens. There is a wealth of subjects out there to cover in nature so buckle up and expect more.

Beginning in the seas of Papua New Guinea and then moving on to the oceans and coral reefs of Australia, "Under the Sea 3D" introduces many of the sea creatures that make these waters their home. The entertainment value of seeing these odd, unique and beautiful undersea creatures is large. The added bonus of this film being presented in 3D makes them seem that they are right close up and that adds to the wonderment. At several points during the film I almost forgot that I was in a theatre, thinking I was underwater with these creatures. Everything is presented to us in touching distance. It makes no difference what the subject is but the IMAX format always outstanding.

We learn about the habits of Stonefish, Cuttlefish, Symbiotic Shrimp, Gobies, Jellyfish, Squid, Sharks, and even the coral that makes up Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The 12,000 year old Great Barrier Reef is in jeopardy due to the human overproduction of carbon dioxide. The requisite warning us about the damage we are havocking on our planet is also part of the film. Several species have disappeared and of those that remain, including the friendly and cute sea lions, are in jeopardy of disappearing as well. Films like this that so beautifully present to us creatures we don't normally have a chance to see really open our eyes to how important it is to make the effort to save them – for our own good.

"Under the Sea 3D" is just around three quarters of an hour long and so you won't find yourself getting fidgety while watching it. It is appropriate for all ages as young and old will be entertained by the odd and colourful underwater creatures. Having Jim Carrey narrate was also a good choice because it allowed director Howard Hall to add some humour, due to Carrey's ability to comedically exaggerate with his voice, to his film.

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