It is easy to make fun of horror movies as they really are set up for it. What is difficult is to make a film that does it and works. Brothers Jay (The Puffy Chair) and Mark Duplass (The Puffy Chair) wrote and directed the film which is a smart takeoff of horror films and at the same time independent films. They use that movie-within-a-movie tool where it's a movie about a movie being made. Everything verges on silly, but yet still manages to feel real.

Four struggling actors rent a cabin at Big Bear where they come up with the idea of making their own film. The story they come up with is about a bagheaded serial killer. While Matt (Ross Partridge – Prom Night – 2008, The Lost World: Jurassic Park) is focusing on the film, Chad (Steve Zissis – Momma's Boy) is more concerned with seducing the ambivalent about him Michelle (Greta Gerwig – The House of the Devil).

After an alcohol fueled night of brainstorming about the film some creepy things begin to happen. Their car battery is stolen, they keep hearing strange noises and disappearances start happening. Soon the four friends that the bagheaded serial killer they have come up with might already exist and be lurking right outside the cabin.

Despite the obvious low budget of the film the quality of the story and acting was quite high. It becomes an interesting mix of comedy with the drama of friendships and all their complexities. The film is not perfect, but all the characters are interesting in their own ways.

Special Features:
-Previews of Blu-ray Disc is High Definition!, Synecdoche, New York, The Wackness, Frozen River, Waltz with Bashir, The Lodger, and Standard Operating Procedures
-Mark and Jay Duplass Answer Questions They've Already Answered
-Baghead Scares
-Theatrical Trailer

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