Spa Strom

The Scandinavian word strom means current. At the new Nordic Spa Strom in Nun's Island they are using the translation of the word to mean the serenity and power of water. Whatever it means Spa Strom will come to mean relaxation and luxury for all those who go there.

You always hear that success for business is in large part due to "location, location, location". Well, the Spa Strom has this in spades. Located in a newer area of Nun's Island the spa is mere minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but with its beautiful lakes and foliage you would think you were miles away. Usually a setting like this for a spa can only be found if you drive quite a way up north or the like. Now we can have that kind of idyllic scenery and luxurious pampering right next door.

An oasis in the storm is the whole idea behind Spa Strom. They want you to have contact with nature at the same time you are receiving your spa treatment. The spa has plenty of land and that land includes much foliage and even a lake (Lac des Battures) you can sit beside to relax. There are even some ducks on the lake that you can watch go about their daily activities. Relaxation and getting rid of the stresses of the 9-to-5 grind is their priority. Also, there is an outdoor fireplace you can sit beside and a couple of outdoor whirlpools complete with waterfalls that you can relax in. Every detail has been though of at this place. Many of the rooms you enter also have lovely views of the grounds.

Offering a full variety of spa services, Spa Strom has something for everyone. The Thermal Experience involves the use of heat and cold alternately then followed by full-body relaxation. The goals behind the Thermal Experience is to eliminate body toxins, relax the muscles, help you sleep better, and kick start the immune system. Your Thermal Experience will use a combination of outdoor whirlpools, Finnish saunas, thermal and Nordic baths, and indoor or outdoor fireplaces to relax in front of. No matter what the temperature is like outside this service is always available for those 16 and up.

A no brainer at any spa is getting a massage. Several different types of massages are offered at Spa Strom. You can book yourself for a Swedish (classic massage technique meant to reduce tension), Californian (restful massage meant to reduce stress), Hot Stone Therapy (stones placed on strategic points of the body meant to sooth muscles), Therapeutic (meant to treat specific problems), Prenatal (meant to reduce muscle tension), Shiatsu (ancient method meant to promote healing), and Thai (stretching and muscle manipulation exercises) massages. Remember that reservations are required for massages.

Besides massages there are also body treatments and facials. What are body treatments you might ask? Well, let me tell you…the treatments are Divine Mimosa Treatment (exfoliant scrub made up of champagne and raw sugar cane followed by a Chocolate Truffle or Mango Enzyme body wrap completed with Mimosa Body Lotion or Mimosa Champagne Massage Oil), Refreshing Cucumber Mint Treatment (exfoliant scrub made up of cucumber, mint and sugar cane followed by a Cucumber Mint Body Wrap and completed with Cucumber Mint Massage Souffle Crème), Firming Blueberry Bliss Treatment (exfoliant scrub made up of blueberry soy sugar followed by a Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap and complete with either Naseberry Body Lotion or Blueberry Soy Massage Souffle Cream), and Tropical Treatment (exfoliant scrub made up raw sugar cane and virgin coconut oils followed by a Mango Enzyme Body Wrap and completed with Watermelon Papaya body Butter). There are also two organic facials to choose from. You can go with either the Stress Relief Facial or the Age Defying Facial.

If this all sound too good and you can't make a choice you don't have to as Spa Strom also offers packages that group together several of their services.

To complete your visit there is also a bistro on site in which you can indulge in soups, sandwiches, salads, fresh fruits, and vegetables. As well, in their boutique you can buy the Eminence face and body products from Hungary, as well as bathing suits, robes, and sandals.

Additional Information:
-Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
-Rates: 60 min. 90 min.
Swedish Massage $79 $114
Californian Massage $79 $114
Hot Stone Therapy – $129
Therapeutic Massage $89 $124
Prenatal Massage $89 $124
Shiatsu Massage $89 $124
Thai Massage $89 $124
4 Hands – Swedish $148 $213
Or Californian
Body Treatments $89
Facials $85
Alize Package $194
Geyser Package $234
Lempia Package (for 2) $319

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