Home – Blu-ray Edition

Narrated by Emmy Award -winner Glenn Close, this beautifully shot film was released in over fifty countries this year simultaneously on DVD, Blu-ray, on the internet, and in theatres on the same day it was shown on television. This is how important the message of it is thought to be. Many of us might be tired of the constant messages about how if we don't change our behaviour that the future of our planet will be in jeopardy. We hear it so often that for some it has become background noise and a whole lot of blah, blah, blah. The incredible cinematography of the film makes us pay attention to the message.

Our planet is simply beautiful and that is reinforced time and time again during the almost two hours of "Home". How can you be anything but inspired to do whatever it takes to save out planet because according to it we only have ten years to do something.

"Home" takes you on a trip around the world. Traveling to 54 countries and 120 locations you see that the problem is a global one. It affects every area and will affect every person living on it sooner rather than later. Despite its large size our planet is quite delicate and does not take change well. The bond between our planet and its inhabitants is irrefutable. What the film attempts is to change how we see Earth and our effect on its general state.

In our relatively short time on this planet, humans have managed to severely upset its balance. The strength of the film is that it not only shows the problems and asks questions but offers up some solutions. We have got to alter our patterns of consumption in order to "cure" our ailing planet.

The film took 217 days to film and is the first shot entirely in high-definition. It is a film that begs to be seen in Blu-ray. Do yourself a favour and watch it in this format as you will sit there with your mouth agape for the entire time.

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