10 Hottest Male Fashion Trends Fall 2009

Fall is a busy time in the fashion industry. There are the fall/winter fashion shows in Paris, London and New York to prepare for and attend. For the rest of us mere mortals we have to wait and see what comes out of these shows as the must have items for the fall.

You can always expect somber colour and plenty of cold weather wear in most designers fall collections. We also have to think about party wear for the upcoming holiday season. This season there is a buzz of excitement around the innovative designs that all the major fashion houses have come up with. I've poured over all the newspapers and magazines to come up with the things that you will be wearing over the next six months.

Of course, not everyone can afford designer labels, so I have made the list so that it is affordable for everyone.

1) Corduroy Blazer: Designers are mad this season for this 1970s inspired look. The jacket can be easily paired with jeans for a nice casual look. More importantly it will keep you toasty warm on those cold fall nights.

2) Low-Rise Boot Cut Jeans: These jeans are cool because they tend to look lived in and who doesn't like to be comfortable? Make sure you get them in the dark rinse colour to be trendy. These jeans can easily be paired with a crisp oxford-style shirt, sweater or a t-shirt.

3) Suede Military Cap: Trendy accessories are the easiest way to update your look for the fall. The military look is hot again this fall. Easy to wear and can jazz up many an outfit. Would look great with a chunky sweater and a scarf.

4) Cardigans: The grandpa-style cardigan is going to be everywhere this fall. Especially hot will be the lighter and more fitted cotton versions. The v-neck makes any body shape look good as it hides many flaws. Comfort is the name of the game with this piece.

5) Earth Tones: Dark browns, purples and greens are the hot colours this fall.

6) Geek Chic Glasses: The chunkier and more oversized the better. Horn-rimmed is perfect as is those oversized ones from the 80s.

7) The Henley: You know them! They are the cotton long-sleeved shirts that look like old fashioned long underwear. You can even pair it with a v-neck sweater and a pair of jeans for the perfect fall 2009 look.

8) Plaid Flannel Shirts: Rebirth of that grunge look from the 90s. This look is already everywhere you look. They range in price from the inexpensive to the designer label price.

9) Three Piece Suits: After a long break three piece suits are back again. This classic look is making its reappearance in offices everywhere.

10) Trench Coats: They are a bit shorter and more tailored this season. A staple that is definitely worth spending some money on.

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