10 Most Stylish Rock Stars

Everyone wants to be a rock star. Part of the reason is that girls/guys think you are cool, part of it is the adulation and the rest is the cool clothes you get to wear. Rock stars get away with wearing things that would get strange looks if your average-everyday Joe or Josephina wore them. Boas, leather pants, spandex, and shirts unbuttoned to the navel are de rigeur for rock stars. Because they are able to get away with outrageous styles does not mean that all rock stars know how to dress. Here is a list of the most stylish rock stars ever in no particular order:

1) Pharrell Williams: The frontman for N.E.R.D has made trucker hats, hoodies, vintage t-shirts, fur-collared parkas, and cargo shorts cool. Is it the clothes or the way he wears them? That is the question.

2) Liam Gallagher: One half of the battling Gallagher brothers from the English rock band Oasis has always gone back to rock's past for inspiration for his look. Borrowing heavily from the rock stars of the 60s and 70s, Gallagher has brought back the wearing of John Lennon sunglasses and anoraks. You cannot talk about his style without referring to his hair which has been copied by every up-and-coming young rocker in the British Isles.

3) David Bowie: What can be said about this legend? He is known as much for the way he looks as he is for his music. He single-handedly made the androgynous look cool.

4) Gwen Stefani: Besides wanting her abs every girl today wants her wardrobe. So much so that la Gwen has come out with her own line of clothes called Lamb. You can't not include a woman who has her own haute couture line.

5) Madonna: In the 80s she had us wearing ripped shirts and rubber bracelets, in the 90s she had us exposing our undergarments and even today she remains at the front of the fashion scene.

6) The Ramones: This seminal punk band made the black leather jacket a staple of rock music. They made the leather jacket, jeans and a t-shirt cool. Interestingly their look possibly became more famous than their music.

7) The Beatles: From the hair to the matching black suits with the skinny ties every guy in the 50s and 60s wanted to look like one of The Beatles. Their influence is even seen on today's rockers 50 years later.

8) Michael Jackson: Despite the fact that he had what can only be described as a strange fashion sense he still had millions of people dressing like him. The one glove, military jackets, pants hemmed too short and aviator sunglasses that he wore in the 80s and 90s are still worn today.

9) Debbie Harry: Her edgy fashion sense caught on like wildfire during the 70s and 80s. The downtown punk look she preferred became what all the cool girls wore during the time and all the up-and-coming female rockers copied.

10) Kanye West: No matter what you think of this guy's personality his fashion sense is second to none. A regular at fashion shows since the beginning of his career this guy has now begun to influence what other people wear. Those crazy shutter shades, his pseudo Miami Vice style, bow ties and glasses, and his college frat boy look have all made their way into mainstream fashion.

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