Superman Batman Public Enemies – Blu-ray Edition

What we've come to expect from our favourite superheroes Superman and Batman has all changed in this animated film. We have all grown up knowing that Superman and Batman are the heroes who are always going to be able to save the day, but this film they are on the other side of the law. With Lex Luthor as the President of the United States and the Justice League under his command the world has become a strange place. As it goes against what they believe in Superman and Batman take a stand and are branded as disloyal by President Luthor. Able to start a smear campaign against Superman is exactly what Luthor has been dreaming about for years and now it has come true.

Something that director Sam Lie really took pains in accomplishing is remaining true to the six comic book series that the film is based on. Even down to the lines of dialogue things are the same as in the comic books. The only place he falls short in this regards is that some of the things that happened at the end of the comics is left out of the film.

Another shortfall is that it is quite short at 69 minutes. It somehow feels incomplete. Also there is a lack of continuity in the film making it seem more like a series of shorter episodes.

Despite these two weaknesses it is still worth a watch. A strength is that it really gives you a good idea of the strength of the friendship between Superman and Batman. It goes deeper than I ever thought. Plus shows the funny side of each of our caped heroes.

Special Features: Dinner with DCU and Special Guest Kevin Conroy, A Test of Minds: Superman and Batman, Justice League Unlimited and Superman Episodes, A First Look at Justice League: A Crisis on Two Earths, DC Animation Project Previews, Blackest Night, and Digital Copy

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