Miracle on 34th Street – Blu-ray Edition

While this 1994 Les Mayfield (Encino Man, Flubber) directed remake is not as good as the original, it still deserves to be one of your watched Christmas films. Especially worthy if you just enter into the intention of the film rather than constantly compare the two.

Six-year-old Susan (Mara Wilson – A Simple Wish, Matilda) is a smart little girl and has her doubts about Santa Claus. Unlike most 6-year-old Susan does not believe in Santa Claus's existence. Her disbelief in the jolly old man in the red suit who brings toys to good little girls and boys at Christmas time was founded several years ago when her mother (Elizabeth Perkins – from television's Weeds) told her that Santa was just a made up story. Susan does not even believe that she will get the gifts she has put on her list.

After meeting a special department store Santa Claus (Sir Richard Attenborough – Elizabeth, Jurassic Park), Susan begins to doubt what she originally believed in and wonders if Santa Claus really could be real.

Who could have been a more perfect choice to play jolly old St. Nick than Sir Richard Attenborough? He is spot on as Kris Kringle. Attenborough's take on Santa is to make quiet and gentle. It's hard not to believe that he is the real thing. Actually all of the actors in the film do a fine job.

It was good choice that screenwriter John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, Home Alone) made for some of the story to be changed or updated. It makes it more current and easier for kids and their parents to relate to. Some might not agree with the changes in the film (especially the different ending), but it is interesting to see a reinterpretation of the classic film.

It is not looking to replace the original, just give it a more modern twist. It should be watched as it has its heart in the right place. A good watch during the holiday period in order to help get you into the right frame of mind.

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