I Love You, Beth Cooper – Blu-ray Edition

As I've willingly admitted many times before, I am an unabashed fan of teen films. They are silly, but fun and never try to be more than that. A nice change of pace from a heavy drama or the like. I never judge them too harshly because they make no claims to greatness – they just try to entertain the audience.

As a result it is with a heavy heart that I say that this film is atrocious. It is not the simple premise of the high school nerd/valedictorian Denis Cooperman (Paul Rust – Semi-Pro), who, during his graduation speech, avows his love for Beth Cooper (Hayden Panettiere – from television's Heroes). This is the classic nerd loving the most popular girl in school theme. The most popular girl has a psycho boyfriend (Shawn Roberts – Jumper, Cheaper by the Dozen 2), who will spend the film trying to kill Denis – literally. The nerd who has his equally nerdy and of ambiguous sexuality best friend (Jack Carpenter – Sydney White) spend an evening with the girl he thought he could never get. What follows is Beth trying to give Denis the night of his life and him teaching her that the peak of her life does not have to be high school.

It all follows the proper formula, but somehow still fails. Maybe it is the offensive stereotypes. Maybe it is the stupidity of the script. Maybe it was the fact that Paul Rust couldn't hold his own onscreen against Hayden Panettiere. I don't know it just didn't work. None of it. I ended up just being offended. It was like I was having a bad dream I could not wake up from.

Nothing works. Pannettiere's character is not likable. Rust plays his character very shrilly and it is quite grating. The humour is not as innocent as teen film humour usually is so it gives the whole thing a bi-polar overtone. Many of the characters are just stupid, especially Beth's boyfriend. Even if the creators of the film were trying to make a farce about teen films they failed miserably.

It is doubly disappointing as the film is directed by Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Mrs. Doubtfire), a man who directed or produced some decent films. I can't believe that he thought this film was good while he was making it. I Love You, Beth Cooper is a film that Columbus should leave off his c.v.

Special Features:
-Alternate Ending
-Deleted Scenes
-I Love You, Larry Doyle
-We Are All Different But That's a Good Thing
-Peanut Butter Toast
-Fox Movie Channel Presents in Character with Hayden Panettiere

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