Bruno – Blu-ray Edition

This is a film that is almost impossible to review because there really is no story or even acting per se. It is just 83 minutes of one outrageous thing after another. The film and its star Sacha Baron Cohen pushes every envelope imaginable. All throughout the film I was wondering how this guy is still alive. He has no limits and will go to any length for a laugh. It is a film that will push a multitude of buttons not often pushed before.

The story is a basic one about outrageous, gay, Austrian fashionista named Bruno, who decides to take his show on the road to America. He gets in all kinds of trouble by interviewing all different types of American folks and offending them in a multitude of ways. I kept wondering if the situations were set up or if there are actually people like this in the world.

Okay, bottom line is that this is not a good film, but people will like it. People will go to see it in droves just to see what all the hype is about. It's going to make tons of money at the box-office…deserved or not. If you liked Borat then you will be a fan of this film. If not then steer clear because it is more of the same.

I spent the entire film alternatively shaking my head and then laughing. I found myself a broken woman. Was it funny? In parts. But you will be worn down by the incessant craziness. No matter how low your expectations are going in to this film, trust me, Sacha Baron Cohen can go lower. You will finally give in and laugh because he wears you down. It is funny in parts because it's way too much. No boundaries in this film. You will find yourself alternating between shaking your head, covering your eyes and finally laughing. This is risky comedy and it will offend as many people as it entertains.

The man behind the film Sacha Baron Cohen has to be given some credit as he is a man who will go to any lengths for a laugh. He does have great comedic timing and a sharp mind. The man seems to have an endless repertoire of crazy characters. He is also quite brave as I'm sure he was in physical danger at certain points during the filming of Bruno.

If you are offended easily or don't like onscreen nudity then avoid this film at all costs. There are more penis shots in this film than your average soft core porn film.

Special Features:
-Alternative, Deleted and Extended Scenes
-An Interview with Hollywood Agent Lloyd Robinson
-Digital Copy

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