Blue Rodeo

Over the 25 years Blue Rodeo has been together as a band they have recorded some of the seminal rock songs in Canadian music history. There are not many music fans in this country who don't sing along with "Try", "Five Days in May" and "Lost Together" when they hear them. Previously a Blue Rodeo album meant three or four strong songs packaged with some average ones. On this double CD that has changed to being every song being strong. It is almost as if 25 years in the band has undergone a renaissance.

"The Things We Left Behind" is their strongest outing in many a year. The 16 tracks are all highly listenable and very Blue Rodeo sounding. The Keelor/Cuddy harmonies are still wonderful. At heart still alt-country sounding the band really seems like they had a lot of fun recording this one. They sound young and very enthusiastic about what they are doing – even on the more mellow tracks.

Each track melts into the next making the album sound like a unified package. The musicianship is still very high quality with some amazing solos to ram that point home. Though the music is very familiar sounding it is still fresh and they manage to make each song a little different than the previous or next one. Even the two long tracks on the album are fitting and don't feel self-indulgent at all. Way to go, boys!

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