Mark Knopfler

The sixth solo album from the former frontman of Dire Straits is a follow up to his critically acclaimed 2007 album, "Kill to Get Crimson". Obviously the pressure did not get to him as he has come out with another winner. The 11 songs on this album are like taking a musical journey through Knopfler's influences and life. For instance, the title song "Get Lucky" is based on a homeless musician he met when he was 15 years old. Each one of the songs is like a little story in itself telling the tales of a myriad of characters that Knopfler has met throughout his life.

It is not an album in which you will hear any of the songs on commercial radio (and that is not necessarily a bad thing) but a complete work. An album like they used to make albums. An entity and not just a collection of non-related singles. The man who has sold over 120 million albums does not succumb to the pressure of recording an album that will sell. Rather he is making the music that he wants to and hopes his fans will appreciate.

The album is full of roots music and it is made for adults. It will probably only appeal to people of a certain age or musical taste, but that seems to be just fine with Mark Knopfler.

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