The Jackie Robinson Story

Jackie Robinson was a ground breaking athlete. He was a man who opened doors for people of colour and other ethnicities. The interesting aspect is that Jackie Robinson plays himself.

Jackie Robinson's battle to become a professional baseball player began when he was just young. He was excellent on the field and at the plate. Anyone watching him play, even at a young age, could see his talent and that he was better than everyone else he played with. Unfortunately, due to the colour of his skin, it would be a constant battle for him to reach the top.

The barriers he faced were of the seemingly impossible variety. Robinson chose to combat these barriers by playing hard and remaining dignified in the face of all of it. Slowly, but surely he overcame all the trials and became one of the best baseball players who ever played the game. Such bravery has rarely been seen at any age in professional sports.

Filmed in 1950 when Jackie Robinson had been playing second base for the Brooklyn Dodgers for a mere three years, he was newly successful in breaking the colour barrier in baseball. The impact of that huge step forward can still be felt by viewers today.

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