Having won several Grammy Awards and World Music Awards, even if you are not a fan you have to admit that Enya's brand of new age/Celtic music has had an impact. Over the course of her 22 year (so far) career she has released records that have been hits all over the world.

The songs on the album are her favourites that she selected with the help of Nicky and Roma Ryan. While her music has always been of the ethereal variety it has never been so out there that it does not manage to connect. Her over 70 million albums sold would stand as a testament to that.

All or most of her music is very uplifting and when it isn't it still is so calming that you won't be rendered incapacitated. Her instantly recognizable sound and voice have created such hits as "Caribbean Blue", "Orinoco Flow" and "Only Time". All the music on this greatest hits collection remains timeless.

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